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It Matters Where You Keep Your Website

There are a lot of decent, reputable web hosting companies out there. They offer 'shared-hosting' accounts that are an affordable, basic service with adequate support (most of the time).

With these accounts, you can, for just a little more each month, have a good email anti-spam. And for a little more, you can purchase the certificate for an encrypted website (a url with https instead of the old-school and less secure http url). For a little more money, your web developer can purchase the safer way of accessing your files (SFTP instead of FTP), and so on...

For years, I recommended one of these hosting services to my Clients. And we've all done okay, thank goodness. But the internet is changing and so must we.

What used to be considered 'extras' are now neccessities for the safety and success of your website.

So, I am now offering my own hosting service. I've purchased a server and configured it my way, with superior security and support systems in place.

What's really cool is that the price for you is comparable to my old service + 'extras,' with the added benefit that your website will be on a privately managed server. There's no danger of being caught in a 'bad neighborhood,' and having your domain blacklisted because of the bad behavior of your neighbors.

Golden Harbor Web Hosting provides you with a private space in the cloud. It is exclusive to only my clients or those I've vetted carefully.

Besides storing and serving up your website files, Golden Harbor Web Hosting includes

  • URL Encryption
  • cPanel and SFPT (only) access
  • Email setup ( up to 5 )
  • Great Speeds
  • 100% Uptime

URL Encryption What this means is that the url of your domain begins with https rather than http. Not only does this make your site more secure, it makes Google more likely to show your site in search results.

Speeds & Uptime Most hosting services promise 99+% uptime. Golden Harbor Web Hosting offers a 100% Network Uptime Guarantee (or that month is free). Through cloud flexibility and solid state drives, Golden Harbor also offers lighting fast speeds.

And support? I am your support contact, backed by the highly knowledgable Heroic Support® team of experts. I will personally monitor and manage your site's safety and stability.

Purchase your Privately Mangaged, Secure and Fast Web Hosting for

paid annually

1-850-242-3747 | Email

The internet is a land of golden opportunity. Let me offer you 'safe harbor' as you venture forth to explore it and make your fortune.

About Christine Golden

Christine Golden

Skilled, 'white hat' code writer, resourceful craftswoman, experienced project manager and team player. I have been providing web services for others since 2008.

I live and work in the panhandle of Florida on Golden Acres Ranch just north of Monticello in Jefferson County.

My education is in Zoology and Biochemistry. I've always been a fan of science - fiction and otherwise.

Yes, I am a 'boomer.' I grew up without internet and worked in the civil engineering and construction industry where I developed a good work ethic and project management skills.

I'm so glad to now be part of the internet-age, where knowledge and encouragement can reach into the most isolated corners of humanity. I'm especially grateful to the open-source community, without whom I wouldn't have discovered the magic of coding.

Solving puzzles, bringing order, and watching bits of data turn into beauty and human usefulness is what makes coding poetry to me.